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A response to COVID-19

Address your flow flaws in one week

Today, extra attention is required in designing the way buildings facilitate user experiences. New spatial challenges have become crucial as COVID-19 requires better distribution of user flows and means to reduce congestion.

Triagonal offers a fixed-format package focusing on:

  • helping you understand user flow flaws causing unsafe and unsolicited clustering
  • avoiding undesirable bottle necks
  • avoiding involuntary face-to-face encounters

Situations, which were acceptable before the pandemic now challenge our understanding of what feels safe, and where avoiding queues used to be a question of user experience and convenience, it has now become a key health and safety issue.Based on more than 15 years of experience in wayfinding in complex environments, we now launch a small-scale, hands-on and fixed-format package to adress your flow flaws.

Contact Steinar Valade-Amland for further information.

How we do it

At Triagonal, we help show the way so you can focus on the important things.

We offer a holistic wayfinding service starting with a thorough evaluation and analysis followed by strategic concept design and implementation. Our job is to deliver the right information at the right step of the user journey.

Although we consider all steps to be part of our complete service delivery, we also offer the possibility to purchase only selected steps of the process as combinations or individual services.


Read about what we call 'The Triagonal Way'

Who we are

Triagonal is a multidisciplinary design consultancy specialized in wayfinding and information in public spaces.

We are a team of graphic and industrial designers, engineers, and anthropologists with creative experience and an innovative approach to all aspects of a project – from analysis over concept development to implementation.

Triagonal works both locally and internationally within complex areas like airports, public transportation, hospitals, shopping malls, educational institutions, libraries, and cultural centres.

Our Team



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In times like these, good news is more important than ever, and yesterday, we received the announcement that we’ve once again been appointed a Gazelle Company 2020. That’s fantastic news, indeed. It’s an acknowledgement of having had uninterrupted growth over the last four years, that in total adds up to minimum 100%. Thank you to…

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