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    improves the journey

    guides the way

    takes you higher

    leads you forward

What We Do

At Triagonal, we help show the way so you can focus on the important things.

We offer a holistic wayfinding service starting with a thorough evaluation and analysis followed by strategic concept design and implementation. Our job is to deliver the right information at the right step of the user journey.

Although we consider all steps to be part of our complete service delivery, we also offer the possibility to purchase only selected steps of the process as combinations or individual services.


Read about what we call 'The Triagonal Way'


Triagonal is a multidisciplinary design consultancy specialized in wayfinding and information in public spaces.

We are a team of graphic and industrial designers, engineers, and anthropologists with creative experience and an innovative approach to all aspects of a project – from analysis over concept development to implementation.

Triagonal works both locally and internationally within complex areas like airports, public transportation, hospitals, shopping malls, educational institutions, libraries, and cultural centres.

Our Team


Topping up on design engineers

At Triagonal we are always so happy to expand our team of talented people and yet again we welcome two skilful design engineers, Camilla Düsterdich Hansen and Louise Brockdorff.   Design Engineer Camilla Düsterdich Hansen has actually been with Triagonal for three years already, first as an intern and later as a student assistant. She…

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Everything From A to B and In Between

Flow analysis is something one spends quite some time doing when working with wayfinding. Wherever we work, we do everything to avoid bottlenecks and to make sure people get from A to B as smoothly as possible. It goes without saying that a lot of flow analysis is needed in airports. To ensure a good…

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