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The front of Triagonal's office in the heart of Copenhagen

Passionate wayfinding specialists

Work in progress at Triagonal Information Design

Decades of experience

We are an interdisciplinary team of passionate wayfinding specialists ranging from graphic and industrial designers, to engineers and anthropologists. All with creative experience and a user-centred approach to all phases of a project – from fieldwork and analysis, over concept development to implementation and evaluation. Our aim is to design wayfinding systems that not only support the users, but empower them to easily and effectively find their way.

Triagonal is one of the world’s leading wayfinding design firms providing wayfinding and information design services and expertise globally. Decades of experience within the field and a great number of prestigious projects, awards and recognition have made Triagonal a trusted wayfinding firm creating value for our clients, partners and society. The company is owned by the three founding partners; Tina Ravbjerg, Peter Donner and Nicolai Okkels.

Triagonal's wayfinding design created for Basaksehir City Hospital in Istanbul

World class wayfinding signage

Our systematic yet flexible design process revolves around accommodating the needs of the users and creating value for all stakeholders through research, analysis and design. As a result, we ensure that the wayfinding signage solutions we design are tailored to the specific space and client, rather than being standardised solutions, forced to fit.

Finding the right signage manufacturer for either bespoke or standard solutions is key to a successful end result, as is working with the right partners throughout the value chain. As experienced signage and wayfinding consultants we work with some of the world’s most respected wayfinding signage companies producing signage systems to fit every need.

Triagonal's Head of Transportation working together with a collaborator from Compass International Media

Partnerships & collaborations

Teaming up with partner organizations who – just like Triagonal – are renowned experts within their respective fields vouches for the most qualified and comprehensive solutions.

Therefore, we have joined forces with local and international partners all over the world. Ranging from some of the world’s most acclaimed companies like:

  • Architectural, engineering and contracting firms
  • Innovative and state-of-the-art technology providers
  • Experts within spatial and digital storytelling, advertising in complex environments and back-of-house operations.
Examples of industrial design created by Triagonal Information Design

As acutely aware as we are of the specific, yet extremely important space in the value-chain that we occupy, as humble and respectful we aim to be when it comes to the expertise and contributions of all its other components.

The complex spaces we work in like airports, hospitals, shopping centres, educational institutions and campuses, libraries and cultural centres, all reach out to large and diverse audiences – locally as well as internationally. Therefore, it is crucial that we make sure that they comply with the core values and principles to which we adhere.

A collection of user studies conducted by Triagonal for hospital wayfinding projects.

Putting your user at the centre

Our approach to wayfinding design is user-centred and purpose-driven, and also draws on principles such as spatial problem solving, studies of cognitive processes and behavioural design. Our aim is to design wayfinding systems that not only support the users, but truly empower them to easily and effectively find their way.

Exploring the users’ objectives, motivations and behaviour within a given space is of crucial importance when designing wayfinding. It is essential for us to understand both the users and the environment in which they navigate in order to design strategic wayfinding solutions that add value for you and your organisation.

Triagonal's partner and CEO Tina Ravbjerg

Tina Ravbjerg

Managing Partner & CEO
+45 2170 0974
[email protected]

Tina has more than 25 years of experience as a designer and project manager, both in Denmark and abroad. Tina has extensive experience in all phases of a design project – from evaluation to final implementation – and has worked on projects in public space and transport, shopping centres, healthcare and educational institutions.

Tina’s main work areas are information design for public spaces, analysis of flows and user requirements, graphic design as well as implementation. Besides running design projects Tina is also Head of Administration at Triagonal.

Triagonal's Partner and Head of Healthcare Peter Donner

Peter Donner

Director, Health
+45 2043 3680
[email protected]

Peter has more than 25 years of experience as a flow expert, project manager and graphic designer in Denmark and worldwide. He is Triagonal’s creative powerhouse and he has expansive knowledge within hospitals and healthcare as well as the commercial part of Triagonal’s work.

Peter’s main work area is the interaction between user and the provider of information – both in complex physical spaces and through digital media. Furthermore, Peter is the driving force in developing Triagonal’s use of new technology in their wayfinding projects.

Triagonal's partner and head of transportation Nicolai Okkels

Nicolai Okkels

Director, Transportation
+45 2944 8836
[email protected]

Nicolai is an information design specialist with a background in architecture and industrial design. He has more than 20 years of experience as a worldwide designer and project manager. Nicolai’s main work areas are analysis and optimization of passenger flows and user experience, development of concepts and strategies, as well as graphic and industrial design. Nicolai has extensive knowledge of wayfinding in airports and has worked on more than 50 projects worldwide, where he has optimised passenger flows and designed complete wayfinding systems.

Nicolai is very visual in his work and prefers to use markers and paper in the creative phase, mainly because of the tactile qualities and visual overview they provide.

Triagonal's Strategy and business developer Steinar Valade-Amland

Steinar Valade-Amland

Strategy & Business Dev.
+45 2031 2240
[email protected]

Steinar has been affiliated with Triagonal since 2016, as an external advisor until 2019, where he joined the company part-time as Head of Strategy and Business Development.

He is dedicated to improving organizational performance and innovation capacity through stakeholder engagement strategies and design thinking. He has held several management positions in the private sector, primarily in design-based manufacturing companies, followed by senior management positions in the design sector, a.o. as CEO of the Association of Danish Designers.

Author of the book “InnoliteracyTM: From Design Thinking to Tangible Change” published in Denmark (2015) and in the US (2018), besides contributing to several books on design, innovation and the creative industries, a.o. “The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design” (2015).

Triagonal's design engineer Camilla Düsterdich Hansen

Camilla Düsterdich Hansen

Design Engineer
+45 2637 2050
[email protected]

Camilla holds a master degree in Design & Innovation from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). She is specialised in behavioural design and driven by a curiosity to discover and provide users with what they need, rather than what they think they need.

Camilla has an open mindset when working with Wayfinding, continuously challenging status quo with new ideas. Her engineering background provides her with a structured approach, which comes in handy when working with complex environments in multiple projects. She is always keen on making sketches and prototypes to illustrate and test her ideas.

Triagonal's Design Engineer Jonathan Pagaard

Jonathan Pagaard

Design Engineer
+45 5219 4055
[email protected]

Jonathan Pagaard holds a MSc degree in Design & Innovation from the Technical University of Denmark. As Design Engineer, Jonathan works in the intersection between design of products and services, from early concepts to final designs. His specialties lay within user research, concept development and his strong ability to express himself visually.

Triagonal's medical anthropologist Louise Havskov Kristiansen, Triagonal.

Louise Havskov Kristiansen

Medical Anthropologist
+45 6176 8981
[email protected]

Louise holds a Master’s degree in Medical Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen with electives in design anthropology and organisational anthropology. Previously, Louise has worked on different research projects investigating how the physical surroundings affect patients’ experiences with hospitalisation. Through a mix of qualitative and quantitative user centred research methods Louise works towards documenting the effect of Triagonal’s wayfinding systems. Furthermore, she is mapping out the existing evidence-based research about wayfinding in a literature study generating knowledge that is being incorporated into the daily practice at Triagonal, making sure that we are always expanding our knowledge and staying on top of our field.

Louise is driven to create solid solutions that make a difference for the end user and she is intrigued by the way architecture and physical environments affect and shape social life.

Vertical logo from Triagonal

Triagonal Information Design

General inquiries
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Jobs at Triagonal

Unsolicited applications

We are always looking for more talented people. If we do not have any open positions, that match what you are looking for, you are still more than welcome to send your unsolicited application to [email protected]

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