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New hospital wayfinding project in reykjavik, Iceland

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Triagonal takes on hospital wayfinding project in Reykjavik

One of the last things we did before the summer holidays hit us full-scale was to sign a contract with NLSH – The New National Hospital in Iceland to develop a coherent wayfinding strategy and design for the project, presenting a unique set of navigational challenges.

The site has developed over time and encompasses multiple buildings dating from 1930 to the present day. The New National Hospital project consists of several new buildings on campus, one is completed – the patient hotel, others are under construction or on a design stage. This makes navigation among the buildings complex as they are also interconnected with tunnels and bridges. 

It will be our privilege – in close collaboration with the NLSH project team – to develop a wayfinding strategy and design that can optimize flow patterns and operational efficiency, while at the same time reducing stress and enhancing user experiences across stakeholder groups.  

Rendering by NLSH.