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Wayfinding at DAGAB’s new warehouse in Bålsta

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Triagonal takes on new wayfinding project at DAGAB's new warehouse in Bålsta.

Triagonal has taken on a new project in Bålsta, Sweden, working for DAGAB. The Swedish grocery and logistics supplier, DAGAB, will merge 6 logistics centres into one 100.000 square metre distribution centre with a circuit of no less than two kilometres. 

The sheer size of the building and surrounding premises results in a high level of complexity. Chauffeurs from all over Europe in trucks, vans and cars alike have to be able to navigate the premises at all hours of day.

To keep the distribution centre running as smoothly as possible Triagonal are creating a wayfinding strategy centered around legibility intuitive use for all vehicles as well as languages. With a focus on creating a strong logical structure we want to support the optimal flows and usage of the entire space. 

Rendering from LOGICENTERS.