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Başakşehir City Hospital

A unique wayfinding strategy developed for Istanbul's new 1.021.100 m2 hospital.

Outdoor wayfinding signage designed by Triagonal for Başakşehir City Hospital

Patient-centered wayfinding

Triagonal has designed a patient-centered wayfinding strategy and bespoke wayfinding elements for the new Başakşehir City Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

The development of a patient-centered strategy and design of wayfinding elements was grounded in a thorough analysis of the local cultural context and user behaviour.
By the use of personas and scenario testing with the future users of the hospital, Triagonal has analysed the building structure, future user flows and behavioural patterns.

On the basis of the analysis, a wayfinding concept and information design was established. The concept uses a combination of colours, letters, numbers and pictograms to ensure that as many as possible, irrespective of their preconditions, can decode the wayfinding systematics.

Indoor wayfinding signage designed by Triagonal for Başakşehir City Hospital

International collaboration

Different means of communication provide users with the ability to navigate using whatever means they are more comfortable with.

The hospital’s eight Centres of Excellence cover 1.021.000 m2, equal to three of the largest “super hospitals” under construction in Denmark. The sheer size of the hospital has required a very systematic spatial analysis. All the hospital functions and the related user flows where mapped to establish

We are proud to contribute to this state-of-the-art project offering world class patient journeys for Turkish and international patients. The hospital project was developed by the Rönesans Group.


Client: Rönesans Group
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Project Period: Summer 2019

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Triagonal's Partner and Head of Healthcare Peter Donner

Peter Donner

Director, Health

Indoor wayfinding signage for Başakşehir City Hospital designed by Triagonal