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Example of articles written and published by Triagonal Information Design

Finding your way in a complex building or environment is not always an easy task. This is where good wayfinding can make a huge difference. Wayfinding refers to information systems that provide people with directions to guide them through a space or environment. Wayfinding information is of particular importance in complex places like healthcare facilities, transportation hubs and public spaces. The more complex the space is the more people need guidance to navigate with confidence.

Through research and analyses of the environment and the people who use it, we design tailormade information and signage systems that provide people with the right information at the right place to facilitate easy navigation for the user and minimise the risk of getting lost or the need of asking for directions.

Our wayfinding solutions consist of a web of information types and information elements. Signs are important elements but we also use other creative elements to provide directions such as super graphics, environmental art, lighting etc.

Read more about our approach to wayfinding here.

Floor map with hand drawn notes and flow patterns

Our approach to wayfinding is founded on a solid base of academic research, evidence-based theory and behavioural design. Here you find a selection of the tools, articles and studies produced by Triagonal and our collaborators. Use the filter function to filter according to type.

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