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Triagonal is developing wayfinding for Denmark’s new world of architecture and design

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Wayfinding signage outside BLOX designed by Triagonal

In the harbour of Copenhagen, a new landmark is being build. BLOX is Denmark’s new world of architecture, design and new ideas and combines both work space, exhibitions, apartments and more in one building. Triagonal has been chosen to develop wayfinding for the entire area including outdoor urban spaces.

BLOX provides a setting for recreational outdoor spaces, playgrounds and cafés as well as a unique forum for the built environment with room for work and exhibitions. This mix of different functions makes the building especially interesting from a wayfinding perspective, and it calls for a simplistic and clear wayfinding systematic to make the many functions melt together as a coherent area.

We are excited to begin the work and be a part of tying the city and the harbour area closer together through BLOX.

BLOX is one of the biggest urban development projects in Copenhagen starting back in 2006. It is financed by the philanthropic organization Realdania and will be ready to open in 2018.

Photo: OMA and BLOX.