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Touching down in Athens Airport

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Airplane flying above the clouds

We have just initiated work with Athens International Airport (AIA). We are excited to help them create better passenger experiences and improve flows throughout the airport. The project includes the Main – and Satellite Terminal Building, the connecting tunnel, the curbside areas and adjoining station.

We will design a new airport wayfinding strategy including a new directional signage concept to give the airport a more modern appeal.

“The special thing about this project, is that we haven’t been brought on because of an ongoing restructure or expansion as is normally the case. Instead, AIA feels that the current wayfinding is no longer supporting their needs, and therefore, they are looking to make improvements. The AIA staff are very excited about the project and we look forward to the cooperation.” Ole Flyvbjerg, Project Manager

The first phase of the project is scheduled to last 4 months, with the option for another 3 months pending final approval from the AIA team.