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Outdoor wayfinding for Statens Serumsinstitut’s campus

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Triagonal is designing a new outdoor wayfinding system for Statens Serum Institut

Triagonal is currently in the process of designing a new outdoor wayfinding system for Statens Serum Institut (SSI). SSI was founded in 1902 and ever since they have had the significant, national role of preventing and fighting infections, congenital diseases and biological threats, including most recently the COVID-19 pandemic. The campus site is located in Copenhagen and in addition to SSI itself the campus is hosting a variety of functions, research centres and companies conducting important work including base research and studies, protocols for testing and monitoring of deceases to the production of vaccines.

Triagonal was approached to develop a wayfinding strategy and design for the complex campus site, composed of more than 50 buildings of different sizes, epoques and functionalities. Besides being a dynamic and multifunctional workplace, the campus hosts a wide range of different guests, including researches and development partners, suppliers and members of the press and various delegations. This multi-layered complexity calls for a wayfinding system that is flexible and adaptable to constant organizational development, at the same time as it contributes to a coherent and intuitive feel of the campus as a whole.