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Famous Danish poet is the voice of the new light rail

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Jørgen Leth who has done the vocals for the audio information system

For the client Midttrafik we have developed all the visual traffic information for the new light rail in Aarhus. Since August 2016 we have been working on different kinds of maps to convey the information in a simple and easy way to give the passengers the best experience.

Now the 49 stations have also gotten their own voice. The famous Danish writer, director and commentator, Jørgen Leth, will be announcing the names of the stops along the route of the light rail.

Leth is known for his poetic and distinct voice which will add a poetic layer to any future trip with the light rail.

Get a taste of what a trip with Aarhus Letbane will sound like.

Combining the very unique diction of Leth with a clear and transparent information design will hopefully make a trip in the future light rail into a positive experience from beginning to end.

Aarhus Light Rail is the first of its kind in Denmark and will open in 2017 transforming Aarhus from “the smallest big city in the world” to an actual metropolis.