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Triagonal features in article about how essential wayfinding is to a good patient journey.

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Article about Triagonal's wayfinding design in FSTA magazine

Triagonal features in the member magazine of the Danish Union’s Forum for Hospital Technology and Architecture (FTSA, Forum for Sygehus Teknik og Arkitektur). In the article our creative director Peter Donner and design engineer Pernille Rahbek Simonsen explain our latest projects and how essential wayfinding design is to the overall user experience in hospitals.

Patients and visitors are often in a stressful and uncomfortable situation when visiting the hospital. When experiencing anxiety, nervousness and confusion, people are not able to cognitively process the same amount of information as quickly as usual.

The article explains how Triagonal applies user studies – combining user interactions with observations and interviews – to gain a deep understanding of the user needs and the context. The user research is highly prioritised in order to develop an intuitive wayfinding strategy for the hospital.

Triagonal designs simple information hierarchies to emphasise the most pertinent information and by using a step-by-step procedure, visitors only have to remember one thing at a time. The wayfinding design at hospitals is often designed with colour-coded symbols and graphics to create a memorable visual cue.

Read the full article here. (Only in Danish)