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Randers Regional Hospital

Wayfinding strategy, design of wayfinding elements and evidence study

As part of a restoration program, applying layman’s terms to wards and treatment rooms, Triagonal has developed a new wayfinding systematic and information design for Randers Regional Hospital. Based on a user involvement approach, a simple and intuitive wayfinding solution has been designed. The wayfinding system includes recognisable colour-coded symbols and a combination of letters and numbers to ensure optimal navigation throughout the hospital setting.

As part of the project we have conducted an evidence study at Randers Regional Hospital to test the effect of the implemented wayfinding design using before-and-after studies. The results of the study show an enhancement in patients’ ease of navigating through the hospital. View the results from the evidence study here.

Client: Randers Regional Hospital
Location: Randers, Denmark
Project Period: 2017-2018
Team: Peter Donner, Pernille Rahbek Simonsen, Camilla Düsterdich Hansen


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