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Aarhus Letbane

Easily perceptible route maps and traffic maps for Denmark’s first light rail in Aarhus, with 49 stations.

Triagonal has developed the visual information design for Denmark’s first light rail in Aarhus. This included the route maps that are mounted in the light rail cars as well as the general traffic maps that show the various public transportation lines, connection points etc.

With the light rail’s 49 stations, it’s was an important task to convey the information about the new lines in a simple and easily perceptible way and to integrate the traffic maps with the existing traffic information. Doing this, Triagonal ensured coherence across the different types of information – from the very detailed maps to the big overview of how the light rail, buses and trains intertwine.

  • Collage of pictures for Aarhus light rail
  • Metro style map for the new light rail in Aarhus
  • Overview map of the new light rail in Aarhus
  • Person drawing in station names for Aarhus light rail
  • Handdrawn overview over all the new stations for Aarhus light rail
  • Jørgen Leth who has done the vocals for the audio information system


Client: Midttrafik
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Project Period: 2016-2017

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Triagonal's partner and CEO Tina Ravbjerg

Tina Ravbjerg

Managing Partner & CEO