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VIA University College

Development of a collected wayfinding strategy for the college’s five separate buildings based on the existing visual identity.

With five separate buildings, VIA University College is not an easy place to orientate yourself in. However, Triagonal has designed a wayfinding strategy that eases the process. Based on the visual identity by design company 1508, the signage has been developed by Dansign to melt seamlessly into the beautiful campus designed by Arkitema Architects.

  • Common area at Via University College
  • Overview map of buildings designed Triagonal
  • Wayfinding directional sigange by staircase
  • Locational signage at VIA University College
  • Interior wayfinding design by Triagonal for VIA University College


Client: VIA University College
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Project Period: 2015

Want to know more?

Triagonal's partner and head of transportation Nicolai Okkels

Nicolai Okkels

Director, Transportation