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Future airport security system

Exruptive has developed an innovative procedure for conducting the security process in airport. The solution consists of next generation x-ray scanning technology combined with an intelligent trolley with a mounted tablet. By reading your boarding card on the tablet, the intelligent trolley is able to provide personal guidance from the point of check-in to arrival at the gate.

The development of the security process has required clear and understandable passenger information as a fundamental procedure in the airport has changed. Triagonal has been giving advise and provided information design for flow tests of a simulated security process in Vojens Airport. We have worked on both the overall information strategy as well as the design and development of the signage and user interface on the tablet.

Client: Exruptive A/S
Location: Vojens, Denmark
Project Period: 2013-2017
Team: Peter Donner, Camilla Düsterdich Hansen


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