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Copenhagen Airport Parking

Design of exterior wayfinding elements to ease navigation of the complex parking area.

As part of an upgrade and simplification of their product range, Copenhagen Airport Parking (CPH Parking) asked Triagonal to design a series of new information elements.

CPH Parking wanted to make it easier to navigate the complex infrastructure of the airport exterior and ease the tension of finding a parking space.

  • Locational signage at the entrance of a parking house
  • outdoor wayfinding pylon at the parking area at Copenhagen Airport
  • Toll plaza at Copenhagen Airport parking lot
  • Entrance to parking area at Copenhagen Airport


Client: CPH Parking
Location: Copenahgen, Denmark
Project Period: 2009

Want to know more?

Triagonal's partner and head of transportation Nicolai Okkels

Nicolai Okkels

Director, Transportation