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Temporary signage – a special challenge

Temporary signage – a special challenge

We’re under construction! Temporary entrance! Your new store will open here soon – apologies for any inconvenience!

Temporary signage is a subgenre of wayfinding that we often deal with. Either as part of big long-term projects, or when doing wayfinding in a building that’s in the process of reconstruction.

It’s normally a double bound task: We have to communicate an important piece of information – don’t go this way – or go exactly this way – as well as making sure people don’t get worked up about the situation. Because it will pass…

The temporary signage must differ from the design of the normal signage, it must look professional and yet signal that it is – temporary! The result varies from a laminated piece of paper, put in the right place, to a complete collection of well-designed signs.

When Copenhagen Airport had new floors made, there were site huts inside the building, the room was sparse and missing floor is something, it’s very difficult to make up for. Nevertheless, we managed to guide people around whilst constantly reassuring them, that they would reach their goal safely on time and the airport would go back to its normal state soon.

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