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Louise Havskov Kristiansen

Triagonal's medical anthropologist Louise Havskov Kristiansen, Triagonal.

Medical Anthropologist

+45 6176 8981

+45 6176 8981

[email protected]

Louise holds a Master’s degree in Medical Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen with electives in design anthropology and organisational anthropology. Previously, Louise has worked on different research projects investigating how the physical surroundings affect patients’ experiences with hospitalisation. Through a mix of qualitative and quantitative user centred research methods Louise works towards documenting the effect of Triagonal’s wayfinding systems. Furthermore, she is mapping out the existing evidence-based research about wayfinding in a literature study generating knowledge that is being incorporated into the daily practice at Triagonal, making sure that we are always expanding our knowledge and staying on top of our field.

Louise is driven to create solid solutions that make a difference for the end user and she is intrigued by the way architecture and physical environments affect and shape social life.

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