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Scientific Paper – Wayfinding and the Future

- integrated, intelligent and effective, but also human

Scientific Paper – Wayfinding and the Future

This paper is an elaboration of the theme of our conference presentation in early September 2020 at the European Healthcare Design Congress (www.europeanhealthcaredesign.eu.)where Steinar Valade-Amland discussed how we ensure user empowerment in the process of digitalisation of wayfinding in general and healthcare systems in particular.

The article was first published by SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange, a knowledge community dedicated to designing a healthier society and a more sustainable planet. Individuals can join the SALUS community for free at www.salus.global where they will find a wealth of content related to designing for healthcare, public health, urban health and planetary health.

By Peter Donner, Steinar Valade-Amland & Louise Havskov Kristiansen


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