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Preparing for the journey

Preparing for the journey

As Shakespeare says in Hamlet: “The readiness is all.” At Triagonal we strongly believe that too, however, we also believe in doing things to make oneself ready, and more than anything we believe in helping others prepare for their journeys.

Are you aware how you prepare yourself when you’re going to a complicated place? Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment at a hospital you don’t know at all, or finding a friend’s new house in a foreign city, and whether you’re conscious of it or not, you have a strategy – strong or weak – to get there.

Based on prior experiences from similar settings – your inner cognitive map – you try to imagine, what to expect. On top of that: To find the right ward you might read the instructions sent to you by the hospital or look at maps of the hospital on a website. Before you go to your friend’s new house you might try to ‘walk’ the distance from the station on Google Street View. When walking this distance again in real life your bearings will be the beautiful sum of the streets you’ve studied on the map and the corner shop and parks you’ve seen. We know people find comfort and confidence in preparing for their journeys, and, therefore, we always strive to integrate it into our wayfinding systems.

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