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Memorability: An old tree – A beautiful door – A red wall

Memorability: An old tree – A beautiful door – A red wall

It’s amazing how we human beings experience and remember the world around us. According to age, temperament and pace we remember different things about our journeys. Researchers of wayfinding have known for a long time, that we use personal landmarks to find our bearings. A tree, an information board, a wall built with a certain type of stones. These stick to our inner itinerary, the recollection of our route, they are things that help us create our cognitive maps.

The people who developed theories behind wayfinding proved how humans and animals, on a neural level, determine their position and destination with personal landmarks made of memorable features. Obviously, we explore this knowledge in our strategies when making wayfinding in complicated places. Super graphics, already existing features in the building, colours, a piece of art are all elements that make spaces recognisable to navigators.

While uniform environments lower our ability to distinguish between destinations, varying environments help users determine where they are and remember how they got there. An old tree, a beautiful door, a red wall – these are memorable features that might stay with us.

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