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Expanding the Triagonal team

Expanding the Triagonal team

Triagonal is growing, which naturally calls for more hands on deck.

Therefore, we are happy to welcome three new members to the Triagonal team: Marco Berends, Mette Mølgaard and Ole Flyvbjerg.

Marco is our new and first-ever graphic designer here at Triagonal. He did a BSc in Architecture and after that he graduated in Communication Design from Design School Kolding. Marco has specialised in wayfinding and excels at creating clear and engaging user journeys and graphics.

“Creating wayfinding graphics is a challenging and unique discipline. Not only do these graphics have to represent the local identity, they have to stand out in legibility and functionality as well. My goal is to achieve a refined visual language where the users can navigate with ease and pleasure.”

Mette is our new 2-in-1 employee, responsible for both sales and marketing. Mette holds a BA in Business Communication and a Master’s Degree in Marketing, and with her passion for communication and her natural curiosity and perseverance, we are excited to see what she can help us accomplish.

“Wayfinding is a unique and different product that I’m very excited to get more familiar with. My job is all about identifying the most compelling angle and then tell a relevant story that captures and convinces. This is actually the case when it comes to both marketing and sales, so in that sense, the two job areas go hand in hand.”

Ole is the project and process coordinator here at Triagonal. He is a master at creating overview of projects and optimizing work processes. Ole is passionate about facilitating the coordination between different processes, and it is in this context that his qualifications are best utilized – to the benefit of Triagonal and our customers.

“With a thorough experience in project management and coordination as well as a longstanding interest in design and architecture, I am thrilled to be able to combine these two aspects of my background in this position. Here I can help to sustain the continued growth and development of Triagonal.”

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