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Wayfinding in public spaces

Triagonal designs wayfinding and information solutions for public spaces. We provide solutions that improve people flows, commercial traffic and contribute to good operational performance. Providing the right information in the right place is key to making people feel confident, when navigating in unfamiliar surroundings.

Architecture plays a significant role when designing a wayfinding concept. Triagonal aims at delivering solutions that complement the architectural expression and enhances people’s understanding of the location. Good wayfinding serves as a key to a building and to understanding how to move within it. A strong information system and graphic expression can therefore help strengthen a building’s brand and recognisability.

At Triagonal, we are dedicated to developing systems and concepts that enable people to find their own way, and we truly believe that good wayfinding has the power to make people feel secure, confident and empowered. Read more about what we call The Triagonal Way and the team here.