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Wayfinding in hospitals

Navigating around a hospital can sometimes be an intimidating task. Visitors often arrive anxious, in pain and unfamiliar with the medical environment. Language, age, previous experience, and individual cognitive abilities are all significant factors to be considered when designing information systems. Triagonal’s wayfinding and information design helps reduce stress and confusion in high tech and complex hospital environments. Instead it provides the experience with comfort, safety, efficiency, human interaction and a high level of service. Furthermore, good wayfinding improves workflows and saves the time of healthcare staff.

As hospitals often have different layouts and functionality, thus requiring tailored solutions, Triagonal works closely with hospital administration, staff, architects and building contractors to provide innovative and high-quality solutions adapted to each unique medical environment. To co-exist with the architecture in a pleasant and unobtrusive way, all information and wayfinding elements are carefully designed, positioned, and scaled to fit naturally into the environment.