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King Khalid International Airport – Terminal 3 and 4

Wayfinding strategy and design of wayfinding elements

At King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Triagonal has been taking part in the work related to the expansion of Terminal 3 and Terminal 4. When fully realised, both terminals will be able to host 80 million passengers annually. On this project, we worked as part of the Dar Al Handasah team.

The scope of the project included the complete design of signage and wayfinding throughout the two terminals and the terminal link building:

– Terminal 4 has never been used, and therefore, the main task here was to develop a wayfinding system that enables the terminal to be fully functional and operational taking into consideration all facilities and capacities.

– Terminal 3 needed to be transferred from a domestic terminal to an international one, and therefore, a completely new wayfinding system was needed that takes into consideration all the added functionalities including an expansion of the departure area.

– The link between the two terminals needed an upgraded wayfinding system to create a fully operational retail space.


Client: Chapman Taylor
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Project Period: 2017-2018
Team: Nicolai Okkels, Peter Donner, Charlotte Strier Cumberland


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