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A Resilient Wayfinding Response to COVID-19

A Resilient Wayfinding Response to COVID-19

At Triagonal we believe that the learnings we’ve harvested in the wake of COVID-19 can spark innovation and help us rethink what campuses and public spaces will look like in the future.

Schools and institutions are still trying to figure out how to safely welcome students back at their teaching facilities. One such facility is UCC Campus Carlsberg in Copenhagen. In 2016 Triagonal developed the wayfinding strategy for the newly constructed Campus in cooperation with Dansign. The two eight-storey towers with only two bridge connections made for a complex user flow, which was explained through a simplified metro-inspired overview to blend seamlessly in with the beautiful architecture and to function effectively in a learning environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many buildings and built environments like UCC to be experienced as unsafe by its users if the original traffic patterns are kept. Are you facing this dilemma too? Based on our extensive knowledge of human spatial behaviour we have devised a COVID-19 package where we assess and recommend solutions for how to adapt environments to COVID-19 related challenges and similar challenges in the future. Learn more about the COVID-19 package at www.triagonal.info


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