Triagonal welcomes two new team members

May 26. 2017

We are happy to welcome two new employees, Charlotte Strier Cumberland and Jette Lin Nielsen, to our team.

Charlotte Strier Cumberland is our new service designer with a knack for the digital world. She holds a BA in Performance Design and a master in Digital Design and Communication specializing in Service Design. She has previously worked as a UX designer at the start up BloodLink and as a graphic designer in sunny Spain.

As a designer, I am particularly interested in understanding how and why people do what they dohow they feel, act and react. I have a usercentered approach to design, which in my opinion, is the key approach to creating meaningful user experiences. “

As Communications Officer at Triagonal Jette Lin Nielsen will be responsible for all of Triagonal’s communications. She holds a BA in journalism, a master in Performance Design and is specialized in digital communication in the creative industry. She has worked at a number of Danish cultural institutions such as CPH:DOX, VEGA and Nikolaj Kunsthal.

For me communication and journalism is very much relatedit is all about telling a compelling, focused and relevant story to the right audience, only the setting is different. I use my background as a journalist to figure out the story and the means to tell it and I am naturally drawn to other wellcrafted storieswhether its a particularly inspiring campaign or just a surprising twist to a predictable joke.”

If you have any press related inquiries, please contact Jette at