• Hvidovre Hospital

    Overall Wayfinding Systematics

  • In preparation for a large extension of Hvidovre Hospital, Triagonal has developed a wayfinding model and an information concept based on a reduced number of clearly marked reception points and simple colour coding.

    As patients and relatives tend to be tense when arriving, focus was on personal service, simplicity and clarity of information both­ online, in print, in calls and in the complex architecture of the hospital.

    The new wayfinding systematics has been developed in collaboration with the end-users. One example of end-user involvement is a wayfinding ‘treasure hunt’ in collaboration with the hospital’s “Panel of Patients and Relatives” (Link to summary in Danish)

  • Client Hvidovre Hospital
    Location Hvidovre, Greater Copenhagen Area, Denmark
    Project Period 2009 - 2013
    Team Tina Ravbjerg
    Peter Donner
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