Triagonal is developing wayfinding for Denmark’s new world of architecture and design

June 1. 2017

In the harbour of Copenhagen, a new landmark is being build. BLOX is Denmark’s new world of architecture, design and new ideas and combines both work space, exhibitions, apartments and more in one building. Triagonal has been chosen to develop wayfinding for the entire area including outdoor urban spaces.

BLOX provides a setting for recreational outdoor spaces, playgrounds and cafés as well as a unique forum for the built environment with room for work and exhibitions. This mix of different functions makes the building especially interesting from a wayfinding perspective, and it calls for a simplistic and clear wayfinding systematic to make the many functions melt together as a coherent area.

We are excited to begin the work and be a part of tying the city and the harbour area closer together through BLOX.

BLOX is one of the biggest urban development projects in Copenhagen starting back in 2006. It is financed by the philanthropic organization Realdania and will be ready to open in 2018.

Photo: OMA and BLOX.

Triagonal welcomes two new team members

May 26. 2017

We are happy to welcome two new employees, Charlotte Strier Cumberland and Jette Lin Nielsen, to our team.

Charlotte Strier Cumberland is our new service designer with a knack for the digital world. She holds a BA in Performance Design and a master in Digital Design and Communication specializing in Service Design. She has previously worked as a UX designer at the start up BloodLink and as a graphic designer in sunny Spain.

As a designer, I am particularly interested in understanding how and why people do what they dohow they feel, act and react. I have a usercentered approach to design, which in my opinion, is the key approach to creating meaningful user experiences. “

As Communications Officer at Triagonal Jette Lin Nielsen will be responsible for all of Triagonal’s communications. She holds a BA in journalism, a master in Performance Design and is specialized in digital communication in the creative industry. She has worked at a number of Danish cultural institutions such as CPH:DOX, VEGA and Nikolaj Kunsthal.

For me communication and journalism is very much relatedit is all about telling a compelling, focused and relevant story to the right audience, only the setting is different. I use my background as a journalist to figure out the story and the means to tell it and I am naturally drawn to other wellcrafted storieswhether its a particularly inspiring campaign or just a surprising twist to a predictable joke.”

If you have any press related inquiries, please contact Jette at


Famous Danish poet is the voice of the new light rail

April 27. 2017

For the client Midttrafik we have developed all the visual traffic information for the new light rail in Aarhus. Since August 2016 we have been working on different kind of maps to convey the information in a simple and easy way to give the passengers the best experience.

Now the 49 stations have also gotten their own voice. The famous Danish writer, director and commentator Jørgen Leth will be announcing the names of the stops along the route of the light rail.

Leth is known for his poetic and distinct voice and his voice will add a poetic layer to any future trip with the light rail.

Get a taste of what a trip with Aarhus Letbane will sound like:

Combining the very unique diction of Leth with a clear and transparent information design will hopefully make a trip in the future light rail into a positive experience from beginning to end.

Aarhus Light Rail is the first of its kind in Denmark and will open in 2017 transforming Aarhus from “the smallest big city in the world” to an actual metropolis.

SafeBuzz is a finalist at Danish Design Award

April 4. 2017

Our SafeBuzz-solution is among the finalists for Danish Design Award 2017. The wireless pager is nominated in the categories ‘Better Work’ and ‘Outstanding Service’.

“SafeBuzz may not look like a service revolution, but its discreet and thoroughly tested technology is exactly what makes it such a brilliant design solution with the potential to do even more (…). Moreover, SafeBuzz is an inspiring example of how technology from one industry can create unexpected improvements in another, once we spot the solutions that exist right under our nose,” the jury states.

SafeBuzz is developed in collaboration with the telecommunication company Vemcall. The small pager provides a new way of communicating with the patients at hospitals and help minimize waiting time for both patients and staff.

So far SafeBuzz is implemented at gastroenterological outpatient clinic at Hvidovre Hospital.

Read more about SafeBuzz

The winners of Danish Design Award 2017 will be announced at an award show in Copenhagen May 8.